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the first in the world revitalization instant isotonic drink with edelweiss extract, vitamins and mineral salts. EDEL-TONIC is presented by SANKOM Switzerland Ч innovative supplier of natural food supplements and dietary nutrition of the highest quality.

Specially for hot climate

Revitalization drink EDEL-TONIC with extract of edelweiss with vitamins and mineral salts is a reliable and irreplaceable companion in hot season:

  • Prevents from dehydration of organism
  • Slakes thirst without loading digestive system and without taking weight
  • Possesses tonifying properties
  • Promotes regeneration of skin cells
  • Removes fatigue
  • Restores forces
  • Prevents from muscular spasms and cramps

Swiss isotonic drink EDEL-TONIC prevents from dehydration of organism. Especially it concerns hot climatic conditions, work at hot industrial facilities and sport events in summertime.

Swiss isotonic drink EDEL-TONIC with extract of Alpine edelweiss possesses fine dewy effect. During hot weather for the best effect it is recommended to take it cooled.