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the first in the world revitalization instant isotonic drink with edelweiss extract, vitamins and mineral salts. EDEL-TONIC is presented by SANKOM Switzerland Ч innovative supplier of natural food supplements and dietary nutrition of the highest quality.

About product

EDEL-TONIC is NEW instant revitalization drink with edelweiss extract (Leontopodium alpinum), 10 vitamins and mineral salts.

  • EDEL-TONIC drink was developed in Swiss laboratories using the modern latest technologies and high quality ingridients. The product is 100% Swiss made.
  • EDEL-TONIC is the first isotonic drink in the world containing edelweiss extracts.

The Swiss instant revitalization drink EDEL-TONIC especially stands out due to the followings combination of benefits:

  • Extract of edelweiss;
  • 10 essentail vitamins;
  • Mineral salts;
  • Don't contain any fats;
  • No genetically-modified components;
  • Reinfoncements effect (without such stimulators as caffeine and taurine).

Edel-Tonic could be usefull in the following situations:

  • reinforcement at overtiredness;
  • stressful intellectual work;
  • heavy physical activities;
  • stimulation for regeneration of the human body tissues;
  • reinforcement for immunesystem;
  • intake during the rehabilitation period after illness;
  • preservation of hydro-electrolyte balance;
  • replenishment of the fluid lost and slakes of the thirst for sportsmen during sport performances, and during fitness exercises;
  • fast fluid replacement during hot periods of the year and for countries with hot climate;
  • fast fluid replacement and slaking thirst in saunas and baths.

Revitalization instant drink EDEL-TONIC is a tasty and pleasant way to cut your thirst.