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the first in the world revitalization instant isotonic drink with edelweiss extract, vitamins and mineral salts. EDEL-TONIC is presented by SANKOM Switzerland Ч innovative supplier of natural food supplements and dietary nutrition of the highest quality.

Company SANKOM Switzerland presents the first in the world revitalization instant drink EDEL-TONIC with edelweiss extract, vitamins and minerals salts.

Edel-Tonic is an excellent solution for quick rehydratation and slakes of the thirst.

This delicious drink could be very usefull in the following situations:

  • reinforcement at overtiredness;
  • stressful intellectual work;
  • heavy physical activities;
  • stimulation for regeneration of the human body tissues;
  • reinforcement for immunesystem;
  • intake during the rehabilitation period after illness;
  • preservation of hydro-electrolyte balance;
  • replenishment of the fluid lost and slakes of the thirst for sportsmen during sport performances, and during fitness exercises;
  • fast fluid replacement during hot periods of the year and for countries with hot climate;
  • fast fluid replacement and slaking thirst in saunas and baths.
The absence of caffeine and other stimulators enables people of all age groups and physical well being to consume this drink.